Sweet Orange essential oil benefits and uses

Sweet orange essential oil is my personal favorite. The sweetness of the orange oil makes it one of the best promoters of joyful feelings of all the essential oils. Native to Asia, orange trees are the source for these amazing, vitamin-C rich fruits whose cold-pressed oil extracts deliver so many healthful benefits.

Sweet orange essential oil benefits and uses. The best smelling essential oil of them all! My favorite.

Sweet orange essential oil is said to help promote good bone and joint health and deliver healing to the entire body by way of aromatherapy use, as well as through direct application to the skin in carrier-oil diluted blends with other favorite essential oils.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

Sweet orange essential oil benefits and uses. The best smelling essential oil of them all! My favorite.. Uplifting, reduces pain.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is the body’s response to a perceived attack. It results in increased white blood cells to the affected area, as well as pain, redness and swelling. Orange oil is said to be anti-inflammatory.



Orange essential is also known to be anti-spasmodic which means it soothes the nerves and therefore promotes relaxation and feelings of well being while having an overall positive effect on the nervous system. Orange oil is a popular choice for those wanting to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety.


Can help decrease perception of pain

According to this study sweet orange oil placed near a patients head can help reduce the perception of pain after surgery. It states

Aromatherapy with orange oil can relieve pain in patients with fractured limbs but has no effect on their vital signs. Therefore, aromatherapy with orange oil can be used as a complementary medicine in these patients.”


Kills Germs

As an antiseptic and antioxidant that disinfects, orange essential oil has been long used as a household cleaner and ingredient in skin preparations. Mix several drops into a gallon bucket, along with your favorite natural cleaner and some grounding oil such as lavender or patchouli, and you’ll have a powerful and effective, all-purpose cleaning solution that smells wonderful and lifts the spirits of all who breathe it in.


Uplifting Perfume

With its reputation for being an aphrodisiac, orange essential oil is a popular perfume ingredient. Aphrodisiacs actually work by easing the mental, physical and emotional conditions or symptoms that prevent individuals from wanting and enjoying physical intimacy. Orange oil is especially effective for calming the mind, lifting the spirits, alleviating nervous tension, invigorating the senses and improving mood.



Acne and dermatitis are two skin conditions that are said to improve with the application of orange oil (mixed with a carrier oil, or as a toner preparation with a water base). This is due to orange oil’s high vitamin C content and antimicrobial properties.


Can aid with digestive issues

If you’re looking to relieve an upset stomach or alleviate nausea, orange oil applied to the skin can calm and soothe the nerves that may be contributing to your gastrointestinal distress.


Sweet Orange Oil Cautions and Concerns:

As with all essential oils, care should be taken in use, especially in sensitive individuals. If you are prone to allergies, do a skin patch test for 24 hours before using in skin applications. It can also be toxic to cats.


Where to get your Essential Oils

There are so many great essential oil companies out there. The key to picking a good oil is making sure its an actual, high-quality oil, and not just fragrance. I have used several different brands and my personal favorite is Plant Therapy.

They are high quality, while still being very affordable. They also offer fast, FREE shipping from the website. (I hate paying for shipping. It’s a personal pet-peeve of mine.) I prefer to get my oils directly from the company themselves.

You can purchase them on Amazon, but use caution with this. Their freshness isn’t guaranteed. Make sure you are getting your oils from Plant Therapy, and not a third party seller. Contrary to popular belief, essential oils don’t stay good forever. Most of the oils only have a few year shelf life. With Amazon, it’s hard to tell how long the essential oils have been sitting on a shelf in their warehouse.

You can get my favorite brand of sweet orange essential oil here.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to serve as medical advice. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms of any kind, please consult with your physician. This information is not FDA approved and is for educational information only.

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Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits and uses. Great for perfume, reducing pain.

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