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Here at The Happy Herbal Home, we want to help you raise happy, healthy children from the very start. Here you will find information and inspiration on living life naturally throughout your pregnancy, birth and the early years of your babies life.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming. I'm here to help! If you have any questions or struggles please reach out!  Contact me.

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The Happy Herbal Home About


I'm Stormy. I'm a registered nurse with a passion for healthy living. I was pretty healthy before having babies, but once I became pregnant, it felt like everything changed!

Being healthy while pregnant was a whole new ball game. Learning all the do's and don'ts. There felt like there were so many rules! I would spend hours a day reading and researching.

I'm sharing everything I learned here, for you. I would love to help take the overwhelm out of the whole process. You can be healthy and thriving while enjoying your pregnancy, and your little ones.

I have two boys I birthed naturally, and care for full time, as I recently quit my job as a nurse to stay home full time with them.  It's been an awesome experience, and if you ever get the chance to try it, I highly recommend it.

Thanks for being here!