9 Natural Ways to Heal Faster Postpartum

Prepare for postpartum. How to heal faster after birth.

When your pregnant your to-do list can seem endless. There are so many things to prepare for baby’s arrival and labor.

However, so many moms forget to think about themselves. One thing that tends to slip through the cracks is preparing for postpartum!

I know you’ve gone through a boat load of books and articles to have a healthy pregnancy, and what to expect with your new baby.

But here are some absolute essentials to preparing for a good postpartum, so you can actually enjoy your time with your new little one.

A little self-care during this time means you’ll be better equipped to handle your new little bundle in a healthy and positive way.

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A good prenatal vitamin

prepare for postpartum. An all natural list of the 9 things you need to prepare before you birth your baby, so you can enjoy your postpartum time. Heal faster, naturally postpartum.

Nourish you and your baby

Your body just went through 9 months of nourishing an entire other human being, so keep taking your prenatal vitamins. Have a stock of them handy. I recommend these.

I’ve taken them for 3 1/2 years straight. (I’ve had 2 babies in that time) I like them because they’re made from whole food sources so your body digests them better and contain useful herbs like red raspberry leaf (which makes a great postpartum tea too!) and ginger (great for nausea).

You need all the nourishment you can get to heal your body, and if you’re breastfeeding, to nourish your baby.

An all natural list of the 9 things you need to prepare before you birth your baby, so you can enjoy your postpartum time. Heal faster, naturally postpartum.

Prevent Postpartum Depression

You also need a good Omega 3 vitamin. Other than being an essential nutrient for good health, it can help greatly reduce the chance of postpartum depression and anxiety.

You need an Omega 3 supplement that contains both EPA and DHA. You can read more about the science of all of it here.

I like Nordic Naturals, these ones are specifically designed for the postpartum period and the doses are high enough to help stabilize postpartum moods (good for babies brain too!)

Personal Care Products

Stock up on pads, and make sure they are good ones! You’re going to be bleeding for 2-6 weeks (crazy.)

Anyway, you’re going to need enough pads to last you at least a month. You’re not going to want to run out to grab more two weeks after having a baby.

Prevent Terrible Adult Diaper Rash

Also, something that no one warned me about was that wearing a pad for 3-4 weeks nonstop can give you a terrible adult-sized diaper rash.

Yep, it’s a real thing. If you’ve never had the pleasure of this, it is terrible! I cannot emphasize this enough! On top of having stitches, skin can get excoriated from the constant moisture.

The pain is so bad I literally cried. (I have a pretty high pain tolerance, & very rarely cry.)

An all natural list of the 9 things you need to prepare before you birth your baby, so you can enjoy your postpartum time. Heal faster, naturally postpartum

The only comfortable pads were the ones I snagged from the hospital. They were super soft, fluffy cotton ones. (So take lots! It’s not stealing, by the way, they roll up the charges in your bill.)

Nothing resembling the ones in the grocery store. Grab as many as you can.

I searched the internet everywhere on where to get these things, no success.

I bought these organic cotton ones, but they weren’t very absorbent. (Better than the ones I had though, perfect for the last week or so.)

If I had to do it over again, I’d try these. They look similar to the ones the hospital had and they are well reviewed. An even better option is to use prefold cloths.

Get bamboo or cotton, and you shouldn’t this problem. Just be prepared to wash laundry often. Whatever pads you do get, stay away from anything scented.

It can make a bad situation worse, very quickly.

Slow Postpartum bleeding sooner with Red raspberry leaf tea

An all natural list of the 9 things you need to prepare before you brith you baby, so you can enjoy your postpartum time.

I feel like I talk about red raspberry leaf all-the-time, but it’s such a good pregnancy and postpartum herb! It was one of my top herbal teas to drink during my pregnancy.

I seriously attribute my second super fast labor to this stuff. It’s great postpartum too, as it helps restore the womb, and is supposed to slow your bleeding.

Every new mama should be drinking raspberry tea postpartum.

I’m a huge loose-leaf fan, but if tea bags are more your thing then I recommend this brand. Other than Numi, it’s one of the only tea bag brands I trust.

*Please note, this is not raspberry flavored tea. This is made from the leaves of the raspberry bush. It tastes similar to black tea.

Postpartum herbal healing bath & Sitz Bath

Healing-postpartum-herb-bath preparing for postpartum

I have no idea why these aren’t wildly popular. This was single-handedly my favorite way to help heal postpartum.

Prepare yourself an herbal bath mix and you will thank yourself profusely afterward. The herbs in this mix all serve different purposes to help relax your exhausted body.

It helps ease tense and sore muscles from labor and helps restore your body.

You can read more about all the amazing benefits here and how to make your own super healing bath. (It may seem like a hassle, but oh my gosh it’s amazing!)

These baths helped me feel better physically and emotionally. It was my “me time” each day, and water is therapeutic and I think it really helped heal my postpartum body so much!

prepare for postpartum

If making your own doesn’t interest you, there are some awesome premade ones such as this onethis one, and this one.

Witch hazel pads

An all natural list of the 9 things you need to prepare before you birth your baby, so you can enjoy your postpartum time. Heal faster, naturally postpartum

Witch hazel has been a go-to for many postpartum mothers and one of the most popular after birth healing products. It helps soothe swollen tissues.

This will help big time for decreasing swelling on your under-bits and any hemorrhoids you may have gotten during pushing. I like this one as it has organic aloe gel in it, is unscented and alcohol-free.

Whichever witch hazel you choose to get, make sure it’s both alcohol-free and unscented. One high in alcohol will burn.

Take a pack of cotton pads and place them in a container and put enough witch hazel that they soak them up, then place them in your fridge.

Put one or two on your pad after you go to the bathroom. The cold will help decrease the swelling. This is like a DIY version of Tucks pads.

Have coconut oil handy

An all natural list of the 9 things you need to prepare before you birth your baby, so you can enjoy your postpartum time. Heal faster, naturally postpartum.

Or any oil you prefer really, almond oil and olive oil make great alternatives. I just really love me some coconut oil.

You can apply the oil to your damaged under bits after your amazing herbal bath. This will keep the area hydrated and you’ll be less likely to pop a stitch.

If you get hemorrhoids this will make the area so much easier to keep clean after you use the bathroom (as in wiping.)

I actually used coconut oil for every diaper change on my baby for the same reason.

If you keep that bum oily you’ll never have any problem wiping the poop off. Makes diaper changes that much faster.

Abdominal binder

My baby belly was huge. My abdominal muscles were very weak after birth. I had no core strength.

This abdominal binder helped me get in and out of bed a lot easier and quicker.

It is supposed to help your core muscles heal fast and better. I had less back pain when I wore it too.

I used this binder. It is inexpensive, and after 2 months straight of wearing it, it did start to unravel a bit at the seams.

But I wore it every day, all day, all night. I only removed it to shower.

Prepare a breastfeeding kit

If you are going to prepare for postpartum, you need to prepare for breastfeeding too.

Make yourself a nice area where you can keep all your breastfeeding essentials handy.

I’ve seen where some women keep everything in a nice basket that they can carry with them to other rooms. I kept all my stuff in a little drawer, whatever works for you.

Make sure to keep little snacks in there too. I loved the Larabars as a quick snack (Made with only natural ingredients, and excellent for a quick energy boost!)

They’re healthy and nutritious and keep your blood sugar up (because 5 minutes into a feed, you’ll suddenly feel like you are starving.) Bananas are a good snack too.

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Natural ways to heal faster postpartum. Healing after birth isn't easy, but these natural solutions can help you heal faster and feel better so you can enjoy your newborn.

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  1. I had a home birth for my daughter. And my midwife had suggested to pick up a pack of Depends (yea, those adult diapers) for post partum. They worked awesome!

  2. I just bought some witch hazel pads today to prepare for our birth. Tha k yiu for suggesting we get alcohol free because these are 14% alcohol! I’ll keep an eye on everything I get in the future! Great article, very informative and I’ll be ordering the belly band as well!

  3. If the hospital doesn’t give you one, a squirt bottle helped wash down the under bits after using the toilet so you can just dab with TP instead of wipe. Also Dermaplast is nice a couple times a day. Also, stool softener like Colace and Miralax are essential if you’ve had any tearing.

  4. I’m hoping for a vaginal delivery with baby #2 so hopefully this article will come in handy :o). If it’s helpful to know for post-C-section, vitamin E oil. My doc recommended it for my scar. She also told me to gently massage it to break up scar tissue. (To be done after healing of course and at a comfortable pace. I was pretty squeamish about it at first.) I’m preparing for a VBAC and my midwife was glad to hear I massaged my scar.

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