3 Go-To Plants for New Moms

The natural world has many amazing remedies to offer us, as well as all sorts of nutrient-packed ingredients. And fortunately, more and more young mothers nowadays become interested in the organic, plant-based lifestyle. This has plenty of health benefits for you and your baby alike, so if you’re preparing to give birth or you just did, it might be something to consider.

The Plants

Being a natural mama is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. And as long as you know your herbs and how to use them, you’re all set. To help, we have prepared a list of the top three go-to plants for a new mom with all their dedicated benefits outlined and explained. Let’s begin.

1. Chamomile

Known for its overall relaxing properties, chamomile is an herb that is safe for both mothers and babies to consume in the form of teas and infusions. In addition to this, it has great anti-inflammatory properties, and it helps fight constipation too. And the best news is that it is safe to use for both new mommies and their babies.

According to Stuart Ditchek, M.D., a renowned clinical assistant professor of pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine who co-authored the book Healthy Child, Whole Child, it is a great remedy for colic because it relaxes the infant’s intestines. Furthermore, it can also reduce teething pains, which is why the famous Camilla remedy contains it.

Chamomile tea can help the mom as well, not only the baby. Besides its soothing and anxiety-relieving effects, it is also one of the best home remedies for kidney infection. Seeing as how plenty of new moms struggle with this issue, as well as overall bladder and urinary tract problems, a hearty cup of the hot beverage daily works wonders.

2. Fennel

Fennel is one plant with amazing health benefits overall that you can add to a salad or drink as a herbal tea. It’s full of vitamins and minerals, it strengthens the heart and bones, and it even helps fight cancer. But perhaps its most important role is in the well-being of both young moms and their newborns.

In the words of Stuart Ditchek, M.D., yet again, fennel tea works similarly to chamomile in the treatment of baby colic, relaxing the intestines and thus remedying the condition in no time at all. Seeing as this is an issue that most infants face in the first months of their lives, having a natural treatment on hand is essential.

On top of that, the plant also offers some benefits to the mommy as well. It promotes breast milk production, so if that’s something you’ve been struggling with, you can also try a cup of fennel tea. It has a pleasant taste, which makes it ideal by itself or in addition to more bitter tincture so that they become palatable.

3. Nettle

Many new moms struggle with weakness, anemia, fatigue, and stress. Fortunately, one to three cups of nettle tea per day can help with that. The plant has amazing nourishing properties thanks to its rich nutrient content made up of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, iron, and silica that replenish you both physically and emotionally.

But perhaps its most suitable benefit for breastfeeding women is that of being a galactagogue, namely something that promotes the production of breast milk. One quart of strong stinging nettle tea is recommended for these purposes, or you can try adding it to your diet. Nevertheless, remember to cook it properly beforehand to avoid irritating your digestive tract.

Some women apply nettle on their nipples to heal cracked skin. However, because direct skin contact causes rashes to develop, it is recommended that you avoid using this herb topically. Not only can it hurt your epidermis, but it will also trigger an allergic reaction in your small one, which is something you most definitely want to avoid at all costs.


With the help of these three plants, both you and your little one will be happy, healthy and nourished. As a new mom, you need to know that your health is also important because only by staying in shape are you able to offer your baby the beautiful life he or she deserves.

This is a guest post written by Mike Jones, a writer with a passion for health.

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3 Herbs every new mama should have!

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