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Looking to work at home so you can afford to stay home? These companies are legit companies that will pay you to work from home. There are so many scammers out there in the interweb! This list contains actual companies that will help you find a way to make money as a stay at home mom. Remember, even with this list, be sure to check out everything and do your due diligence to avoid feeling used. You want to find a job that pays enough to make it worth it, and a job that values your experience too! One of these might fit.

Call Center Agent:

LiveOps Agent – This company offers many different types of positions from inbound calls to insurance sales, claims, and more. They work with well-known companies and hire educated and experienced salespeople.

Sykes – This company hires retirees, military spouses, and parents to work from home answering calls. Great for bilingual workers and Canadians as well.

Working Solutions – You start your own business from home,  while also having the comfort of knowing you have a big business behind your success. You are a contract worker with training and once you schedule your hours you know you’ll get them.

Alorcia at Home – This calling center hires beginners after they take a small voice test, once you pass the background check. It’s a great place to get started for beginning a career as a call center agent.


Tigerfish Transcribing – If you’re new to transcribing, this is a good place to start. They have a test you take, and after you pass you can apply. They also help by showing you free software you can use to practice with to help you pass the test.

Nuance Transcription Services – This company focuses on medical transcription. It’s is a real job as an employee doing transcription. They offer extra training for experienced transcriptionists and are often looking for qualified transcriptionists.

Orion Transcription Services – If you have experience with transcribing, this is a good place to apply. Its U.S. based and you have two years of experience to get one of these jobs. They offer medical and legal transcribing jobs along with others.

Teaching Jobs

Ed2go Network –  If you have a degree, you can use it to teach! In this job, you can write and develop courses as well as teach online. Job availability depends on timing, but they are always taking applications. How much make varies but they even say on their site not to quit your day job. You can always combine it with other side jobs to bring in a full-time income.

Elevate K-12 – If you have a teaching certificate and experience, you can always teach online. While you have some control over your schedule, they ask that you are available between 8 am-4 pm each day.

ETS – You can write, score papers and even some fellowships are available with ETS. You can score advance placement tests, and other types of proctored tests that students take for advancement or certification. If you’ve always wanted to be involved in helping shape testing given to students, this is your chance.


Travel Outlook – Get to work in the exciting world of travel! Although, sadly, you won’t be the one doing the traveling. But, you can earn some dough working by taking reservations for hotel rooms and sometimes other duties such as touring local venues for clients.

They want people with customer service experience and someone who worked from home to make sure you’re self-motivated. But say that some of their agents make over 40K a year and you are an employee.

These are not easy to get jobs, but if you build your resume (or even have a professional write it for you) these are legitimate work from home jobs that can allow you to stay at home, and often work your own hours. I hope you find something that works for you!

Work from Home Resources

If these companies aren’t quite up your alley there are other options! Ultimate bundles is offering a work from home package of resources to help you get started in your dream job of working on your own terms. This special is a huge bundle of over of ebooks, courses, and resources worth $1,500 for only $47!

The bundle has loads of info on working from home.

  • 23 ebooks
  • 1 audiobook
  • 9 e-courses (My personal favorite!)
  • 4 Printable Packs

Ultimate bundles is legit too! I have personally purchased several of their bundles and they are amazing! I’ll be honest, I thought it was a scam at first, but after I bought their herbs and essential oils super bundle I was hooked!

Check out their work from home bundle here.

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Legit work from home job companies that are worth looking into. Don't get scammed. Live your dream life of working from home, in your pajamas! Earn money online!


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