Infused Elderflower Honey

Elderflower honey is a delicious floral infused honey that somehow feels elegant and delicious.

You can make this herbal infused honey with dried elderflowers, or fresh ones pick straight from the garden.

This honey tastes amazing drizzled over fresh fruit.

Or you can add it to a glass of cold mineral water for an instant homemade soda or to sweeten up a hot cup of herbal tea.

My personal favorite way though is turing this syrup into elderflower lemonade!

Its the perfect summer drink that’s refreshing and tasty.

Of course, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your own creativity.

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Elderflower infused honey.

How to Make Infused Elderflower Honey

This honey not only add a delicate floral flavor, but elderflower is loaded with health benefits and uses., making this a wonderful addition to any natural medicine cabinet.

This recipe uses fresh elderflowers, although you could use dried flowers as well.

When using fresh flowers try to remove as much of the stems as possible.

You want to infuse only the flower head.

Although elderflowers and their berries are safe to eat (the berries must be cooked) the stems, branches, bark and roots are all considered toxic.

Prepping your elderflowers

If using fresh elderflowers, prep your flowers by shaking the bundles to remove any debris or bugs.

I prefer not to wash my flowers as it removes much of the flavor and health benefits as much of the pollen is removed.

Trim back your flowers and lightly pack them in your glass jar.

If using dried flowers, simply fill your jar with the flowers.

Pour the Honey

Next, you want to completely cover the flowers with your honey and add a lid. Store it in a cool area of the house, but someplace you will see it daily.

Let it sit for a week or two, turning the jar daily to make sure the flowers get “stirred up.”

This helps to extract the most goodness from the flowers, while helping to prevent any mold from growing.

Stain and Store your Honey

Now for the fun part. Strain the contents of your honey into another jar. Try your delicious concoction and store in the fridge.

Enjoy your summertime treat.

If using fresh flowers the honey should be good for a month or so.

If using dried flowers it will last much longer, sometimes several months. (Although we finish it well before then in our house.)

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Elderflower honey is a delicious herbal infused honey that can be used to sweet anything from herbal teas to baked goods. Perfect for a unique and fun summer treat, plus you get the health benefits from all of that elderflower goodness.

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