Herbal Vitamin C popsicles your kids will love

I love having these vitamin C popsicles in my house! Good thing, since my toddler is obsessed with popsicles.

Whenever I can sense that emotions are running high, I can simply bring up this healthy popsicle treat, and you can just feel the bad feelings melt away.

And no, I don’t consider this bribery. It’s more of a healthy distraction.

Popsicles can get a bad rap. This is because most store-bought versions tend to be void of nutrients and loaded with sugar, dyes and unpronounceable ingredients.

These herbal popsicles are packed full of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a key nutrient for staying healthy and can even help the body avoid viruses.

These popsicles are perfect for a little extra boost to the immune system. This means your happy and guilt-free, while the kiddos get a tasty, exciting treat.

Immune Boosting Vitamin C Popsicles

Herbal Vitamin C popsicles kids love


Vitamin C Popsicle Ingredients

I use to get my herbs from Bulk Herb Store, but they’ve recently shut down. Now I get my herbs from Starwest Botanicals. But if you prefer a site like Amazon, you can get organic, great quality Rose Hips & Hibiscus there too.

Rose hips and hibiscus flowers are both high in vitamin C and other nutrients.

Rose hips are also high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This means they are great at helping your body fight off inflammation. Inflammation is what can cause a whole host of illnesses.

Together they make a tasty tea infusion that turns a beautiful bright red. Perfect for yummy popsicles.

Herbal Vitamin C popsicles


To make this recipe brew your tea first. Place your dried rose hips and hibiscus flowers into the tea strainer of your choice and add the boiling water.

Let infuse for about 10 minutes.

This seems to be the perfect time for me. Enough to get the nutrients out of the tea, but not long enough that it starts tasting too tart.

Herbal vitamin C popsicles infusion

Let the tea cool to where it is just warm, instead of hot.

Add your honey and the lemon juice


Pour into your popsicle mold and freeze.

I use this popsicle mold. This has been my favorite so far that we’ve owned.

*Homemade popsicle Tip: If you have trouble removing your popsicle from the mold, run it under hot water for 10-15 seconds. They’ll pop right out.

Enjoy, And wait for your kids to beg for more of these delicious vitamin C popsicles!


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Herbal Popsicle that are chock full of vitamin C. The perfect immune booster treat for kids. These popsicle are made with hibiscus and rosehip tea, which are two herbs with a high vitamin C content. Add some citrus and you have an all natural vitamin C treat.

Yummy Herbal Vitamin C Popsicles

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