My Favorite Herbal Resources

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I have spent a lot of time researching specific companies and products that I trust and feel comfortable using.  Once I find a brand that matches up to my standards and needs, I’m a very loyal customer. Here you can find the products that I personally use and recommend. These are the same products I get excited to recommend to my own friends and family.

Some of these links are affiliate links. This means the prices stay the same, but you help support the website if you make a purchase. I hope they help.

The Herbal Academy

Herbal Academy Courses

I’ve taken their Introductory Herbal Course and Materia Medica course, and I’m currently working through their Intermediate course. The herbal medicine world is complex and interesting. The Herbal Academy makes learning about plant medicine more manageable. The courses are informative and useful, and beautiful. There’s loads of practical recipes for everyday use and for specific common conditions. I get really excited when I find time to sit down with a cup of tea and start a new chapter.

The Herbarium

The Herbarium Membership for Herbalists

The Herbarium is an excellent resource that I subscribe to. They have beautiful monographs which gives detailed information about each individual herb. It also gives you access to their information library with lots of articles on natural healing and plant based medicine. If you become a member, you’ll even get a 25% off discount to Bulk Herb Store. It’ll save you a bit of money if you plan on buying herbs, which you should totally be doing.

Bulk Herb Store


Bulk Herb Store is where I get all my loose leaf herbs and teas. I buy my herbs in bulk and it saves me a ton of money. There herbs are always fresh and great quality. They also have great information on their site about the herbs and great recipes to use them in.

Ultimate Bundles Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle


I bought this bundle and was so excited to see so many e-books and courses from other bloggers I love to follow. Its packed with resourses on essential oils & using herbs. There’s even an herbal cookery e-course. (what a cool way to get those valued herbs into your family. There’s so many materials and resources that this is a great value for the price.

Products I love

Glass Teapot

This is the teapot I use pot frequently to brew multiple cups of tea at one time. Its a beautiful teapot and perfect for loose leaf tea and herbs.

Large Infuser

This is my go to infuser for when I need a very large, very quick pot of tea. Boil a big pot of water and toss it in with your herb mix inside. So easy.

Mason Jars

These are great for making your own tinctures or infused honeys. These are regular topped jars, not canning jars.

Mortar & Pestel

This is perfect for grinding herbs by hand. The one I own is no longer available on amazon, however this one is well reviewed and very similar to the one I own. This is great when you have a small amount herbs to grind quickly while still feeling a connection with the process.

Rosemary Gladstar’s Herba Recipes for Vibrant Health

I seriously love this book. Its laid out where you can find exactly what your looking for quickly and easily. The recipes are so good too! Most the time I have everything I need around the house to make a quick remedy, and her back stories are awesome. This is a basic must have for the home herbalist.