Help your toddler sleep with bedtime tea

Help your toddler sleep better, with this easy, child safe herbal tea. I use it, and it calms my child down everytime. He even requests it before bed everynight now.

Help toddler sleep is hard to come by, at least in my house. My toddler is not a good sleeper. It’s been an issue since he was born. 

I swear, he didn’t sleep more than 20 minutes at a time that first few months. Things are better now that he’s grown, but our nights are still filled with constant waking and night terrors.

My little one just hates going to sleep.

There are things we do to help him. I try to make sure he gets a good nap so he’s not overly tired. We try to stick to a bedtime routine, which helps him wind down. 

A good dinner, a bath,  kisses for everyone, a short book and then sleep. I lay with him until he falls asleep. Usually an hour or so. It’s our reconnect time.

One of the most helpful things we’ve tried is bedtime tea. Sometime while he eats dinner, I’ll brew a “bedtime tea.”

I learned this recipe at The Herbal Academy, which is loaded with amazing information. You can read my full review on them here. They call it the Three Needs Tea.

This is a simple recipe that works wonders at bedtime. It’s also a nutritious drink I don’t feel guilty giving him.

The coolest part is, he actually likes it. Well, he didn’t at first, but I kept offering it every night and by the third night, he drank it all up. Now he even requests it.

How to Help Your Toddler Sleep

help toddler sleep bedtime tea


Three Needs Tea Recipe:

  • Chamomile: Has a calming and sedative effect, and (as described by the Herbal Academy) is great for children who display stress with tummy aches
  • Catnip: A nervine, helps relieve insomnia and hyperactivity
  • Lemon balm: Uplifts the spirit, and helps relieve anxiety and stress

I prefer loose leaf tea (you can read why) over box tea bags. However, if you are going to use tea bags, this brand is best.

It’s the only one I trust for herbal teas. It’s all organic and the tea bags themselves aren’t contaminated like the other popular brands.

To make:

Simply mix equal parts of the three herbs and you have your kid-friendly bedtime tea blend. I use a teaspoon in a teacup and transfer it to a sippy cup once it’s cooled enough.

He hated it at first, even with a spoonful of raw honey. I kept offering it at night, and after 3 or 4 nights he started drinking the whole cup. Now he gets excited when I offer him his tea.

You can find these herbs online. I buy my herbs here at the bulk herb store. They are all organic and the quality is always great.

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  1. So did this tea really help with your toddler waking up in the middle of the night? I have an 18 month old and we are waking up every 3 hours right now.

    1. This has definitely helped, but my toddler has been struggling with night waking and night terrors for a while. Once he hit the age of two, everything calmed down big time. 18 months also tends to be when a big sleep regression happens. The tea helps to calm the nerves and could help them sleep a little better. Also bananas! I try to encourage a banana as a pre-bed snack. It helps to naturally increase melatonin. Hang in there mama! It gets easier. (I know this! I’ve had two who don’t sleep! I searched endlessly for some kind of answer to help. As they get older it gets better.)

  2. Hi,
    Can this be given to a 12 month old? My son has been a horrible sleeper since day one and he still never wants to sleep and I’m just so exhausted and frazzled from little to no sleep and fighting him because he’s always so tired but just won’t sleep.

  3. I just started offering my daughter chamomile tea but she hates it. I saw you said it took time for him to like it… my daughter won’t sleep until 1-2am every night!

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