10 Fantastic & FREE herbal resources to help you learn about herbs

Herbalism is one of those special skills that is multifaceted. It gives you a deep understanding of the power of nature, a respect for the gifts we are given each day and an ability to help and support not only yourself but others. I have yet to find any free herbal courses, however these free herbal resources are some of the best, and highest quality resources to help expand that knowledge and help you grow as an herbalist.

Don’t forget to bookmark these so you can come back as you go through them! Plus I’ll be updating this regularly as I come across more and more valueable (and free!) resources!

1. The Herbal Academy’s 9 Familiar Herbs for Beginners. 

The Herbal Academy's Ebook 9 Familiar Herbs for Beginners.

The herbal academy offers a great Ebook about 9 Herbs that every herbalist should know well. I love everything The Herbal Academy does, and this is no different. They create some of the best herbal courses you can get online, (you can read my full review on them here) but they offer so much great information on their blog and in their emails too! Their team of experts have top notch and accurate information on all things herbalism. Just being on their site will get you excited about your learning journey on herbalism.


2. Mountain Rose Herbs Herbal Recipe E-book

You can get another great e-book filled with herbal recipes at mountain rose herbs. They are an herbal company with top quality herbs and herbal products, I get half of my herbs from this store. Their free ebook contains recipes for natural body care, herbal remedies, cleaning formulas and yummy, healthy snacks.


3. Bulk Herb Stores How to Guides

The Bulk Herb Store in another one of my favorite online herb shops. This is where my other half of my herbs are bought. (Sometimes one store has one I’m looking for when the other is out of stock.) This how-to list is a great place to start when learning basic herbal stuff like determining dosages, making glycerites and poltices plus more.

4. Learning Herbs: The Creative Herbalist 

This is another fantastic ebook. This contains 13 uncommon herbal recipes. The author Rosalee De La Forte highlights a wide variety of ways you can use herbs in your everyday life.


5. Home Apothecary Essentials

Another freebie from Learning Herbs, this downloadable guide is what they describe as a “cliff notes version” on the basics of herbalism. Its a great tool to print out and review from time to time as you familiarize yourself with the herbs.


6. Introduction to Herbs for Kids

This 8 part mini-course is a wonderful tool if your a parent looking to use a gentle, natural approach to those pesky kid issues. It encourages parents to learn about the herbs with kids, getting them excited about the natural remedies too. (This makes it so much easier to get them to actually take the herbal preparations you make!)

The best gifts for the budding herbalist. Great for the natural medicine lover in your life. Gifts for herbalist that are great for christmas, holidays, birthdays.

7. Growing up Herbals Herbal Remedies Recipes

This ebook has 10 recipes to help some of the more common childhood ailments. Meagan from Growing up herbal shows you common herbs that you should have on hand when you have little ones in the house to help tend to them naturally. A great learning resource for mom’s looking for natural alternatives to making their children feel better.


8. Herbal Profiles 

This is another resource from Rosalee De La Forte. Although it’s not an extensive list of herbs, the herbal profiles she does have on here are the most thoroughly researched I’ve ever seen. A great resource for really seeing all the power a particular herb can harness.


9. Supply List for Beginning Herbalist (With a FREE Printable)

This complete supply list covers everything you’ll need as a budding herbalist. The best part is that it has a beautifully designed printable you can download for free. I love herbal printables! They’re actually hard to find. As a new herbalist make sure to keep a journal our planner to keep track of all the wonderful herbal things you are learning about. You’ll be so glad to have a personal reference to refer back to.


10. Herbs for Animals Printable

If you have pets or animals in the family be sure to snag you yet gorgeous printable from the Herbal Academy. This would be another great addition to your herbal notebook!

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Best free herbal resources to learn about herbs



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