October 2017 Blog Income Report

October 2017

Why I started a blog

I started my blog about a year ago. I had been searching for a way to be a stay at home mom, so I could raise my babies. After reading this income report (At the time, she was making around $4,000 a month, but since then skyrocketed to nearly $40,000/month) However, I did nothing more than sit staring at a blank screen most of the time not knowing what to do.Nor did I actually spend any time working on it.

Over the course of a few months, I read loads of info on blogging. I took several courses and slowly started working on some posts at the beginning of this year. I finally “launched” my blog in the beginning of July 2017.

Since then I have done a lot of hands-on learning and experimenting. My goal is to be making a full-time income online within the next few months. I decided to share this online income report because it’s reports like these that gave me hope on becoming a stay-at-home mom. I saved up enough money and took this year off to be at home with both of my babies.

My primary goal is to be able to afford to stay at home with my babies through good budgeting and a side income from this blog. I know the struggle and have learned a lot along the way. I know that there are other mama’s out their who long to be at home with their babies too, but don’t think its possible. I would love to show other mama’s it IS possible.

(If you haven’t started your own blog yet, it’s super easy to get started! Sign-up for hosting with Siteground (It’s the best for starters! And the one I currently use. The support is great! You can get started with just $4 bucks a month with this link!—> Siteground.)

Income: $489

  • Mediavine Ads: $302
    • The ad revenue increase from Adsense to Mediavine is insane. 10 fold pretty much. (Although my traffic is 5x more than it was in September minus a couple of viral pin days. I was averaging 100 page views a day before my viral pin. When everything settled down, I’m averaging anywhere between 500 views per day to 2000 views per day.)
  • Amazon Affiliate Income: $165 (Less than last month, although if you add all traffic my traffic was overall less this month too.)

Total Income: $489

Expenses for September:

Total Expenses: $134

Profit: $355

The Numbers

  • Alexa Score: 2,774,566
  • Traffic for the month: 35,000

Things that are working


Almost all of my traffic has come from Pinterest. It was slow moving at first (This is common in blogging.) I had taken a Pinterest class called Pinterest Unpuzzled at the beginning of July to help me hone in on the basics of Pinterest. There was a lot of useful information that made it easy for me to create a business Pinterest account, tap it into my site to create rich pins, and how to use multiple images to test which pins do well.

Then in September, I purchased an Ebook called Pinteresting Strategies. This helped me skyrocket my views. Within a couple days of applying tips she had in her book, I had a pin go completely viral. I was getting 100 views a day from Pinterest. That one pin suddenly got me 50,000 page views that month. (I was floored. It was super exciting to see traffic skyrocket.) There are a lot of strategies that you can apply individually and see which ones work for you. This book is seriously loaded with great information!

At the very end of this month, I enrolled in a course called Pinterest Improvement Master Plan. (The creator lovingly calls it PIMP.) It is phenomenal. This course is unique, to say the least. This isn’t so much a how-to course, as it is, “really understand how Pinterest works at its core, course.” This is a great course to take, but only if you are familiar with Pinterest and really ready to take your pinning to the next level. Which, yep. I’m ready!

Using Boardbooster

Boardbooster has definitely been making my life easier with Pinterest. I have a board that pins all of my pins to group board and keep my content circulating without spending hours every week keeping up with what board I pinned what to.

Affiliate Marketing

My income from affiliate marketing went down a bit this month, but so did my traffic. I also didn’t focus on optimizing my posts as much as I have been in the past. I plan on revisiting my making sense of affiliate marketing course and brushing up on how to improve me A-ffiliate Game. (This is absolutely a must take course for anyone serious about making an income with blogging!)


Because of my sudden traffic, I was able to go from Adsense to Mediavine. The increase in revenue from the advertising change was huge. I was making cents a day, to dollars a day. (Ha still not loads money, but it sure does help to cover some of my blogging costs.)

Working on what value I give my readers

I’m working on this. I was mostly blogging about healthy parenting. I’ve been experimenting with branching out on my subject matter. Mostly because my dream has been able to find a way to be with my kids every day. (As a nurse, 13-hour shifts + the commute, means somedays I would barely see them. Rip my heart out why don’t ya.)

I think a lot of mama’s dream about being stay at home moms. I’ve been finding ways to make it possible! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure we would be able to make it financially and still have a thriving family life. But being able to stay home with my kids, has made all of our lives better.

Having a medical background has made me super aware of all the things that can go wrong in the human body. My biggest interest for the last several years has been finding a balance between healthy living and having a functional, enjoyable life.

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to help other mama’s out there who are looking for that balance. You know, raising healthy kids, but not being so obsessed with it that it takes away from everything else. I obviously don’t have it all figured out, but I sure am trying. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

What I need to improve on

I didn’t meet all of my goals for October.

Increase my traffic by 25%: Fail: Not only did I NOT increase by 25%. I actually decreased my traffic by more than %25. I’m surprisingly okay with this. I’m in it for the long haul and know this is part of the rollercoaster that is blogging.

Work on my blog’s direction: Success: I’m really trying to figure out exactly where I’m going. This has taken a lot of “soul-searching.” I’m still working on this. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I feel as though I’ve made definite progress toward my goal.

Increase my income by 5%: Success: I increased my income by 20% this month. Yay! (By the way, I plan on reinvesting in myself and putting my income toward growing my blog. Not sure where that money will go, but I’ll let you know!)

Goals for November:

  • Publish 15 articles: I plan on really pushing myself and working on creating quite a bit of content this month.
  • Maintain Income: I would be thrilled if I made the same amount in November as I did in October. Since my focus is going to be on content, and not so much marketing, I don’t expect my traffic or income to grow substantially right now.
  • Continue to work on my “direction.”

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