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Hi! You have found my pregnancy resources page. This page is loaded with useful information and resources for a healthy pregnancy. Bookmark this and use it for reference, as there is a lot to take in here. Some of these articles are written by me, but many are links to other websites that I found very useful during my own pregnancy and have found invaluable to any pregnant woman.

Some of the links contained in this resource guide are affiliate links. I only promote products that I've loved and used or that I truly believe will help women have healthier pregnancies. For more info, you can check out my full disclosure page. 

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Online Prenatal Course for Couples

I suggest everyone start with a prenatal course. This course was created by Hilary, an experienced labor and delivery RN. She knew the struggle of finding great, reliable information during pregnancy. She created this course to help soon to be mamas feel more prepared and less overwhelmed. This is a great way to prepare for birth, without stressing about being able to make it to scheduled in-person courses. You get to take these at your own pace. For more information check out the online prenatal class for couples.

Useful Pregnancy Websites

Best websites for trying to conceive naturally A huge resource guide and informative site on everything related to trying to conceive naturally. An amazing blog by a woman who conceived naturally, when doctors told her it wasn't possible and she would probably never have a baby. Her story is incredibly inspiring and she offers lots of useful information for women who want to conceive naturally. A holistic wellness blog focusing on helping couples conceive naturally.

Healthy-pregnancy This site has a ton of valuable information mixed with fun mommy and baby stuff too. The creator is hilarious and offers a fresh perspective on navigating pregnancy. This blog run by a wonderful doula named Lindsey. She's got some incredible information about having a healthy pregnancy and a natural birth. This is an amazing resource for those looking to have their own natural birthing experience. She even has a healthy pregnancy, natural birth facebook group for pregnant women who want to connect with other like-minded, pregnant mamas. All about informing pregnant mama's about their birthing options. Includes a good mix of informative podcasts and real women's birthing stories. This site is massive. It's got a lot of information that is great, and a lot that I find ok. What I really like about this site is that you can sign up for their week by week emails to see what's going on with your baby during pregnancy. I also loved their mommy forums. They have a birth club of the month, so all the moms in that group have babies born around the same time as yours. It's nice to be able to ask questions and connect with other mamas those first few months. This site is all about the research-based facts on pregnancy and birthing babies. So many great free resources and printables too. This website is loaded with information on natural birthing. She even offers a course called the Confident Mother Natural Birthing Course.

Spinning Babies: Helps mama get her body physically ready to birth her baby easier, and with less pain. Lots of information on fetal mapping, how to move your body to get baby into the best position, and how to move during birth to make the whole process easier on the both of you.

The best books on a healthy pregnancy

There are so many great pregnancy books! During my first pregnancy, I was so excited about new little one that I wanted to learn all I could about what was going on inside my body, and what I could do to have the healthiest pregnancy ever!

If you are a big reader, you may want to look in getting a subscription to Kindle unlimited. You can get a free 30-day trial here. That way you can read as many pregnancy books as you want without breaking the bank.

  • The whole 9 Months: A week by week nutrition guide with recipes
  • What to expect when you're expecting: A week by week guide as to whats happening in your body. Been updated recently, I read this during my first pregnancy and it had a good combination of conventional and natural guidance through pregnancy and what to expect during a hospital birth
  • The Mama Natural Week by Week Guide to Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth: The completely natural version of what to expect when you're expecting.
  • Ina May's Guide to Childbirth: One of my absolute favorites! This is perfect if you are trying to have a natural birth. I found that after reading this book, I carried a lot of her words with me up through my birth. *Warning: This woman is very open-minded and not afraid to say whats on her mind. There's also very graphic pictures of births. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Mindful Birthing: This book helps women refocus during birth. It's praised for helping women to tolerate the pain associated with childbirth.
  • Husband Coached Childbirth: I personally only skimmed this one. My husband read it the whole way through. It helped understand the different phases of labor and basically gave him a few tools so he could support me better during birth.
  • Pre-parenting: Nurturing your child from conception: This is a very sciencey book. I say that as basically they reference a bunch of studies about how hormones, stress and emotions affect your baby even from the moment of conception. I personally really enjoyed it, as it helped me focus on my babies feelings, and inspired me to have a calmer, stress-free pregnancy.
postpartum depression resources

Postpartum depression is a big deal. It's also extremely common. So common in fact, that many new mother's don't recognize the signs and symptoms. There are so many factors that go into postpartum depression. Major hormone changes, identity issues, sleep deprivation. This is just a couple, of a very extensive list. Here are a few resources for more information on PPD.

If you are having signs or symptoms of postpartum depression, please make sure to speak with a trusted medical provider. You can get help, and the sooner the better!

Best products for natural pregnancy

Prenatal Vitamins:
These are hands down, my favorite supplements to take during pregnancy, and postpartumm

  • Multivitamin  (These ones are made from real ingredients, and absorb in your body better)
  • DHA/DEA (Important for baby brain development and preventing things like postpartum depression.)
  • Natural Calm (Lots of pregnant mamas are deficient in these minerals and it can lead to things like anxiety, depression and muscle problems.)

Pregnancy Teas (Read: The 5 Best Teas for Pregnancy)