The Best Gifts for Herbalists, Give Them Something They Will LOVE

Looking for the perfect gift for herbalists? Or at least the herbalist in your life? This list of unique gifts are sure to excite anyone interested in herbalism!

gifts for herbalist

We’ve got everything here, from pretty gifts they’ll adore to functional gifts that will quickly become their favorite tools.

You’re sure to find something on this list that’ll strike their fancy.

Give Them an Herbal Course

The best gifts for herbalist christmas holiday presents

I don’t know anyone who is passionate about a subject and not excited to learn more. The Herbal Academy offers amazing courses on a beautiful platform. My husband bought the introductory class for me a few years ago, and I was instantly in love!

I’m currently working my way through their intermediate course, and it just keeps getting better. Their courses are loaded with useful information, without being overwhelming.

I recommend the intermediate course for anyone who has some understanding of using herbs, but would like to know more.

The intro class is great for people who have no experience with herbs at all. Its perfect for absolute beginners.

You can get a gift certificate here for any of their courses, plus a pretty certificate to print out and give to your loved one.

An Herbal Starter Kit

Best gifts for beginner herbalists

I am super excited about this one! This introductory herbal kit has everything a new herbalist could need to dabble and experiment with new herbal concoctions and remedies! These herbs have been carefully sourced and chosen to go along with 17 herbal recipes that can be created from this collection.

Here is a preview of 3 of the guided recipes that come in the kit:

Of course, if you wanted to go all out, this kit would be a perfect addition to one of the courses above, as the lessons would tie in nicely with the herbs chosen for these kits.

Your budding herbalist can get hands-on with the herbs, and truly learn the beauty of the plants and their benefits.

The best way to learn is hands-on experience. The deluxe herbal starter kit contains:

  • The herbs you need to make all 22 recipes provided in the kit
  • 21 containers for storing your herbal preparations
  • Botanical labels to use with your containers
  • Two reusable muslin storage bags for organization
The best gifts for beginning herbalist. Great for holidays, and christmas. Anyone studying herbalism would love a materia medica! Herbal Journal.

An Herbal Studies Journal (Materia Medica)

A materia medica is a journal that herbalist use to keep up with their studies. This is the best herbal studies journal I could find. When I first started studying herbs I looked for months, trying to find a pretty journal that would help me keep everything organized. The Herbal Academy must have had a lot of requests from students and created one!

This journal contains areas for an aspiring herbalist to keep notes and draw sketches of the herbs they are studying. It has useful charts and illustrations included helping herbalist keep on track and organized.

Great Books to Give an Herbalist

I don’t know a single herbalist without an extensive library of favored books. There are a few things to keep in mind when gifting a book to an herbalist. It needs to be useful, factual and beautiful. Of course, this is always a time and a place for an old well-loved book, especially if it has meaning to either party. But as far as a new gift, these books are sure to please any lover of herbs

Beautiful herbal books that would make great gifts for the herbalist on your list.
  1. Botany in a Day
  2. Healing Herbal Teas
  3. Body into Balance
  4. Alchemy of Herbs
  5. Holistic Herbal
  6. Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health
  7. Essential Oils for Mama & Baby
  8. Botanical Illustrations
  9. Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine


A pretty Tea Pot

Most herbalists are big tea drinkers. Having a teapot that is pretty enough to have a permanent place on the stove top is a must! Plus it makes the ritual of making tea that much more fun.

Looking for a special gift for that herbalist or health enthusiast. Get them a pretty tea pot to make there herbal tea!
  1. Floral Black and Gold Cast Iron Teapot
  2. Modern Baby Blue & Wooden Teapot
  3. Ivory Cast Iron teapot
  4. Green Elephant Ceramic Teapot
  5. Retro Floral Enamel Teapot
  6. Black Teapot with White Rabbits
  7. Ceramic Bird Teapot
  8. Steel Blue Ceramic Teapot
  9. Modern Ceramic White Teapot
Best gifts for herb lovers. These are unique and fun gifts that any herbalist will love.

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