How I got amazing skin through oil cleansing

I use to wash my face with harsh soaps. It would become so dry I would have to use a heavy duty moisturizers, leaving an unnatural film feeling on my face.  When I started researching all the chemicals used in all the products I decided to simplify. I had read about the oil cleansing method and decided to go for it.

This was 5 years ago, and haven’t used soap on my face since. Its typically recommend to use two oils, a base oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil (this one can be expensive though) or really any oil you prefer and a bit of castor oil. Castor oil is very thick, but helps cleanse the skin. Strangely it can be very drying if too much is used.  I only add a tiny bit to my mixture (if I add any at all, I often just use coconut oil, and it works well for me) usually about a table spoon of castor oil to a cup of coconut oil. However, most people recommend 3 parts base oil to 1 part castor oil for dry skin, and a 1 to 1 mixture for those with oilier skin.

What are the benefits of switching to oil cleansing?

Reduce the products you purchase

  • I just use coconut oil, I use this for a lot of things in my house. One product with dozens of uses. I love keeping things as simple as possible & my bathroom counters stay less cluttered. Less cleaning is always a win (ain’t no body got time for that.)

Very cheap

  • I always have to keep cost in mind. So I buy coconut oil in bulk. You can get 54 oz of organic coconut oil for 15 dollars. (at least at the time of this post) This equal about $2.25 for roughly 8 oz of oil. This is probably much cheaper than 8oz of your current cleanser. It also acts as a make up remover, which I use to buy to clear off make up before I washed my face. So this is a two in one.

Amazing skin

  • The best reason of all, is amazing skin of course! Really this reason is reason enough. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an antibacterial, This means it’ll help clear up blemishes, redness and acne. It clears off debris and make up. Leaving you with a fresh clean feeling. Skin feels soft and supple after cleaning, not dry and tight.


How to clean your face with Oil

This is the easy part. When you are ready to wash your face grab a small dollop of your oil mixture and rub it into your face. Massage each area briefly rubbing it well (but still gently) into your skin. Focus on areas where you want to remove makeup. Next use water to wash the oil away and wipe with a washcloth. After I wash my face with oil, I then apply my facial serum. (I love this stuff, its amazing.) You should check it out! I recommend it to everyone.


Have you tried oil cleansing?

Get awesome skin with oil cleansing

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